Horse Transport

Rebel Ranch offers safe and reliable equine and other livestock transport for your families needs. Our services start out at $200 plus fuel for local hauls and go up from there depending on the distance and location. We will keep you up to date on the transport progress with texts, pictures and other details along the way. Our number one priority is your horses safety. Our three place horse trailer offers a slant load style and a nice clean place for your horse to rest along the way. Stops can be made for leg stretching, food, hay, water and other needs depending on the distance traveled. We also offer services for layovers and long distance trips.

All windows and vents will be attended according to current weather conditions to ensure a comfortable ride for your new family member. During cold weather seasons, blankets must be provided by owners/agents and can be applied if needed or requested by our drivers.

If there is a situation requiring veterinary care, it will be provided at the owner’s expense and with the owner or agent’s prior approval for care will be discussed.

Our staff owns and operates a full time boarding facility and working ranch. Rest assured our trained experts are top notch for recognizing not only obvious needs for veterinary care but also indicators of stress, dehydration, colic, and other potential transport related issues.

Does your horse require a quarantine period before it makes it to its new home? Sometimes horses come from unfamiliar places and you may not want it directly delivered to its forever home and around/in contact with other equine for risk of spreading things. We offer services for this as well and temporary boarding between the transport dates. Rates start at $12 per day for pasture board. Hay and water included. Please contact us for more information.