We are excited to announce that Lasting Impression Horsemanship, LLC is going to be partnering with Rebel Ranch in North Branch. Janelle Lamke, the trainer at Lasting Impression Horsemanship, has gotten this wonderful opportunity to offer horse training, lessons, and horses for sale at Rebel Ranch. During lessons they can be focused on any area the owner would like from showing, equitation, behavior issues such as trailering, to learning the method.

Lasting Impression Horsemanship, mission is:

"To provide safe, reliable horses with a strong foundation to the public and teach owners how to effectively communicate and build a trusting partnership with their horse."

Janelle has been a small animal Licensed Veterinary Technician for the past 13 years but has always had horses as an important part of her life. She has owned horses for 20 years and has amazing talent working with them, training, breaking and producing safe willing partners. She has experience teaching people how to interact with their horse through reading body language and teaching horse psychology, resulting in a willing partnership between them. Through partnering with Rebel Ranch Janelle has gotten the opportunity to fulfill her life long dream of working with horses as a career.

Janelle has experience in a little bit of everything from showing, trail riding, barrel racing, jumping, showmanship, hunt seat, western, breaking horses, and driving. She uses Clinton Anderson's method to put the fundamentals on horses creating a solid foundation for any further specialized training.

Janelle's favorite part is working with young horses and the challenge of getting them to understand what you are asking of them. She loves learning from every horse and thrives on working until the puzzle pieces fall into place. As Clinton says "when knowledge ends frustration begins. "Janelle is constantly seeking new knowledge and gaining more experience allowing her to be the best horseman she can be.

By teaching horses the fundamentals of the method developed by Clinton Anderson, gives the horse the tools needed to be respectful, safe, less reactive/spooky, and willing partners. Partnership is a two way street so the owner has to learn the reasons behind the method, and as a teacher Janelle will work with the owner and their horse to get them communicating correctly to form a willing partnership.

Janelle offers an intense 6 week training program that will provide a solid foundation to your horses training. Just like building a house the most important part of a house is its foundation so when the foundation has holes, the house becomes weak and cracks start to show. Horses are a lot the same. When the foundation of their training is weak or poor you start to have problems but once you fix the foundation you fix all of the problems despite them seeming unrelated.

By using Clinton Anderson's method she offers the exact 6 week program the method ambassadors use to train their academy horses when they get certified at the academy. This is the same program they offer to the public once the Ambassadors are certified. The program is very intense so the horse should be between 2-10 years old, have a full set of shoes and be a bit on the heavier side before arriving.

The horse is worked 2-2.5 hrs per day 6-7 days a week. They will be taught the entire fundamentals series. It is highly encouraged that owners join the No Worries Club and download the Downunder Horsemanship App gaining access to the Fundamentals series and learning everything on it before their horse has completed the program. Whether the owner joins the club or not, she highly recommends learning the fundamentals allowing them to understand what their horse was taught during the time with her. If the owner decides not to learn it while the horse is in training, lessons can be set up for additional cost and she can teach it to the owner after the horse has gone through the program.

On average the horse will be worked with 90 hrs during the 6 week program averaging around $60/hr. Depending on the horse they may need a little extra time. If this is the case she only charges for the additional boarding at $20/day and nothing for the additional training. At the most they are there for 8 weeks. The key to teaching horses quickly is consistency. The program she offers is exactly that. There will be days the horse is worked twice per day and will be worked with daily for the first 2 weeks. After that they will get 1 day off per week.

Because of the hours and consistency she puts into each horse she only takes on a limited number of horses in training at a time allowing her to produce quality not quantity. At the end of the program she will spend the day working with the owner, showing them what the horse knows. If the owner would like to continue lessons after the horse has gone through the program she is willing to set up additional lessons. If for any reason the owner has issues in the future with any of the exercises the horse was taught during the training and they are brought to her attention as soon as they arise, she is willing to stand behind her training program and put the horse back in training at no charge until the issue is resolved. Only cost is board at $20 per day. If it is determined communication is the reason for the issues the owner is welcome to set up lessons to resolve the problem.

By the end of the program you will have a quieter less reactive horse allowing you to ride on a loose rein. The odds of getting hurt are drastically decreased making the horse perfect for any level of rider. You will likely have 10-20 wonderful years with your horse making the program well worth the investment. Not only that but she provides a guarantee on the training she provides!