Off-Track Thoroughbred Rescue & Rehab

Libby's Legacy: Rescue and Rehabilitation for 

Off-the-Track Thoroughbred Racehorses


 The mission of Libby's Legacy is:

  • to facilitate placement of thoroughbred ex-racehorses by increasing their availability to equestrian sports, farms, trainers, and to thoroughbred enthusiasts.

  • to be the advocates and educators in the rehabilitation and recovery of retired thoroughbred ex-racehorses.

  • to inform of the trainability and talent of these horses so as to increase adoption rates and decrease abandonment and euthanasia rates.

  • to provide a place of transition between the racetrack and new homes to many animals who have been emotionally and physically scarred.

  • to assess each animal's needs and predict the best placement after successful rehabilitation.

  • to provide a relaxing and calming environment so that each rescued horse can physically, as well as mentally, heal from the inside out.

  • to create a trusting environment and teach many of these horses how to bond with and trust people so they can be placed in their permanent homes.